Precast Detailing Services at the most competitive prices: - Erection Drawing & member design - Embedment plan. Checked drawings are coordinated; comments and concerns are fixed Used Concrete Pumps Suppliers in China and verified. - Shop Details for - Wall Panel (insulated, solid & architectural) - Double Tee - Non load bearing & Load bearing Spandrel - Rectangular & Inverted Tee Beam - Column - Hollow Core Slab - Column Cover & cornices - Column Cap - Flat Slab - Hardware Detail & Hardware your precast detailing project details to get your work done in the best possible way. - All drawings are again sent to our checker for review. All comments will be incorporated into the drawings. - Final erection drawings and shop drawings are then re-issued to your company. All files can be transferred electronically via email, or hard copy drawings 'paper documents' can be picked up from the local printing services place, alternatively drawings can be shipped by over-night Express mail. - Approval drawings are sent to our checker for review. - Checked drawings are re-coordinated to fix all issues noted by the checker. Our Precast Detailing Process: - A quote request is received from your company. - The approval drawings are returned to 2D Drafting India with markup. - A contract is signed by your company and 2D Drafting India; after receipt our detailers will generate erection approval drawings. December 8, 2010 - 2D Drafting India Richmond, Virginia 23229 2d drafting India is a leading supplier of precast detailing services, precast concrete detailing, precast concrete panels and precast concrete walls. - Your information is reviewed by our estimator and a quote is generated. - Approval drawings are issued to your company. - Lifting & Handling Detail. 2D Drafting India is also engaged in designing precast concrete car parks and accommodation blocks. You may also request shop drawings to be created at this time. 2D Drafting India produce 100% precast detailing and drawings services using the latest technology. We have professional team of precast detailers having vast experience in precast detailing of all types of precast concrete structures using high end technology. Our drawings exhibit professional workmanship and a high quality presentation every time. Drawings will be sent to you in both DWG and PDF format for your convenience (Unless otherwise requested). - Shop drawings are generated from the newly coordinated erection drawings. We are able to manage a vast array of precast projects ranging from simple factories to complex multi-story buildings and have the capacity to deliver projects on time. We are happy to discuss any size detailing project and supply a no obligation free quotation upon receipt of your drawings.